The Diet Solution Program Review

The Diet Solution by Isabel De Los Rios claims to help you lose weight fast and naturally. But does it really work? Or is it another scam fad diet? In this Diet Solution Program review you will see what makes this diet program different that the numerous other diet plans online.

A lot of people nowadays spend their entire lives going from one diet to another, constantly attempting to lose belly fat and keep it off. They see fashion models and celebrities touting the latest Hollywood diet craze on the cover of every magazine so they think that could be the secret to their own over weight problem. And so they pick up the magazine and try the diet program for a while and usually slim down.

The major trouble is that as soon as they stop following the hottest fad diet, they put the weight right back on. And as most women will narrate you, when that happens you almost always gain more than you lost from the senseless diet. It’s one endless merry-go-round ride that no one loves. The Diet Solution Program can stop the dieting merry-go-round once and for all and put you on the track to lose belly fat and extra weight and keep it off – for life.

Program Creator: Isabel De Los Rios
Unlike most fad diets, The Diet Solution was developed by a professional nutritionist, Isabel De Los Rios. She owns and runs the New Body Center for Fitness and Nutrition located in New Jersey. Isabel has an academic degree in exercise physiology and is a certified Holistic Nutrition Life Coach.

Another unique twist to Isabel’s story compared to most diet program creators is that she had to deal with over weight issues herself. As a teenager Isabel was overweight herself and with diabetes running rampant in the family, she craved to get the weight off and be healthy. This is what led her in the way of life she has selected and the result of her year’s of study and research paved the way for her to assist thousands of people to lose belly fat and over weight.

What is The Diet Solution Program?

First of all, the Diet Solution Program is not actually a diet. In fact, the name comes about because it is the solution to dieting. This program teaches lifestyle changes that promote healthy weight loss and healthy weight management. You don’t need to buy a bunch of diet foods, meal substitutes or supplements in order to lose weight. Some of those things can actually contribute to weight gain without you even realizing it.

I’m sure you seen the diet gurus that tell you to lower your calorie intake, often to 1200 or lower, right? Turns out this could be some of the worst advice ever given. What happens when you restrict calories below what your body actually needs is that survival mechanisms kick in. The body will actually slow the metabolism and so burns calories at an ever slower rate. You end up not losing or worse, even gaining! Plus you have no energy, will be fatigued and will find yourself in a mental fog most of the time.

There have been many diets in recent years that promote food restrictions that aren’t good for you. The low-carbohydrate diet craze is one of these. Eliminating or severely restricting any one food group is dangerous to the body. You need those nutrients, even fats, in order for the body to operate in an optimal fashion.

    Here are a few of the secrets you will discover in The Diet Solution:

  • The so-called “health” food that is making people GAIN weight
  • Why calorie counting is one of the worst mistakes you can make
  • The real truth about fat
  • Why you may actually have to eat MORE in order to lose weight
  • How to identify your metabolic type in order to tailor your choices in order to lose weight easier and faster than ever before
  • All you need to know about organic foods that help you lose weight

Individualized Solutions

Much of the problem people have with being successful on diets is that they are formulated in a one-size-fits-all fashion. Everyone is following the same plan. The major problem with this is that every body is different, with our own unique metabolism. Because we are trying to force our bodies to work against their natural metabolism, we end up getting discouraged, depressed and unable to continue the diet for as long as needed. Intead, we tend to hop to the newest fad diet trend in the hopes that this will be the one that works.

The Diet Solution will change all that for you. You will finally be able to identify your personal metabolism and then target directly at it, ensuring that you are working with your body instead of against it. You will also discover the one food that many are eating that is actually sabotaging your efforts as well as the foods that help to increase the rate your body burns fat.

Not only will you finally discover how to make your metabolism more efficient, you will also find yourself feeling healthier. That’s because the program will also show you how to eat so that you have stable blood sugar levels, more energy and a stronger immune system.

What You Get with The Diet Solution

Many of the diet programs out there require you to pay ongoing membership fees to access the tools you need or demand that you buy their “diet meals” every week. Not the Diet Solution…for a one-time affordable price you get:

The Diet Solution manual with all the details of how and what to eat in order to burn fat faster, lose weight and get healthier
A 7-Day optional ecourse
Monthly newsletter with continuing encouragement, stories, tips and techniques to help you get rid of the weight and finally KEEP it off forever

Stop the diet merry-go-round today and get The Diet Solution. Continuing the endless cycle of dieting, losing, stop dieting, gaining, go back on a diet…that’s no way to live your life. Get the solution and release the thinner, healthier you.

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